Breast Reduction

Breast reduction also called "reduction mammaplasty" is a surgical procedure that reduces the size and reshapes the contour of large breasts by removing excess breast skin and underlying tissue. It may include reducing the size of the areola (the darker area around the nipple), which frequently becomes enlarged as breasts develop.

Women with very large breasts may experience a variety of medical or psychological problems. Common complaints are back and neck pain, breathing problems and irritation of the skin under the breasts. Breast reduction will seek to cure some of these symptoms by reducing the size of the breasts.

Generally, incisions are made horizontally and vertically following the natural contour of the breast. The vertical incision creates a keyhole-shaped pattern around the areola to allow the nipple to be repositioned. Excess tissue, fat and skin are removed from the sides of the breast and around the areola. Then the nipple, areola and underlying tissue are moved to a new, higher location.

Sutures are used to connect the skin on both sides of the breast and around the nipple.

The result is smaller, firmer and better shaped breasts that are in proportion with the rest of the body.

Length of procedure: 2-3 hours
Type of anesthesia: Local anesthesia plus sedation
Hospital stay: 6-8 hours
Post-operatory stay in Costa Rica: 7 days

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