A facelift, also called "rhytidectomy", improves the overall appearance of the face for both men and women by tightening underlying muscles in the face, removing excess fat accumulated over the years and gently tightening the skin of the face and neck. In many cases, a facelift procedure is done in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as eyelid surgery, necessary when there are bags or pouches around the eyes.

Folds or wrinkles may appear between the mouth and nose, loose skin and extra fat (hanging jowls) may be visible near the jaw, cheekbones may no longer look as prominent because of sagging. Excess skin or fat on the neck could also be a problem. Facelift corrects all of these aging signs in a natural-looking way while preserving the natural characteristics of the person.


An incision is made along the hairline from the temple down around the ear lobe and to the back of the neck. A small incision may also be made under the chin to remove excess fat. After separating the skin from the muscle and fat underneath, the Platysma muscles in the neck are cut and then pulled to the sides below the ears, up, back and to the center under the chin, with the excess skin being removed. With this, the sagging muscles and tissues can be tightened and fat deposits removed.

The incisions are closed along natural skin lines and creases, and scars are thin and almost undetectable. Usually they fade and gradually become barely noticeable. Most of the scars are in the hairline or behind the ears. The thin scars at the front of the ears can be easily hidden with makeup if necessary.

The lasting effects of a facelift will vary depending on the patient and on factors such as age and health conditions. Follow-up procedures can be performed when needed.

A facelift restores the youthful look to the face.

Length of procedure: 2-5 hours
Type of anesthesia: Local anesthesia and sedation
Hospital stay: 6-8 hours
Post-operatory stay in Costa Rica: 14 days

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