Liposuction by tumescent technique removes unwanted fat deposits from specific areas of the body, for both women and men.

Women may have liposuction performed under the chin, on their hips, thighs, and stomach, and in the underarm and breast area.

For men, common sites include under the chin and around the waist. Liposuction may also be used in the reduction of enlarged male breasts, a condition known as gynecomastia.

Liposuction is not a substitute for weight reduction, but a method of removing localized fat that doesn't respond to dieting or exercise.

To begin the surgery, a small incision is made just large enough to allow the insertion of a hollow tube called cannula. The opposite end of the cannula is attached to a machine that creates a strong vacuum. The cannula works within the fat layers under the skin, breaking up the fat and suctioning it out.

The scars from liposuction are small and strategically placed to be hidden from view, even in a bikini.

Length of procedure: 3-4 hours
Type of anesthesia: Local anesthesia plus sedation
Hospital stay: 1-2 nights
Post-operatory stay in Costa Rica: 7 days

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