Fat Micro Grafts and Fillers

Nowadays, your fat can be taken from one area of your body and be placed in another, and this can be used for example to correct those lines that appear around the mouth, between the eyebrows, or when there is skin sinking due to scars.

The fat will remain in the grafted area in a percentage that is proportional to the amount of fat grafted. The grafting can be done taking fat from the abdomen, neck, thigh, pelvis or the arms.

The amount of grafted fat that will remain will depend on the area where it was grafted to. For example, if it is in the mouth, precisely on the lips' red area, 50% will remain and the other 50% will be reabsorbed by the body after a two month period. If the graft is grafted to reconstruct a scar and its surrounding area, only 20% of the fat will remain because these areas have fewer blood vessels. This procedure can be done every two or three months to increase volume by 20%. Finally, if the fat is grafted to the frown area or around the mouth and nose, where there are no muscles, only 30% of the fat will remain.

During the first and second weeks the transplanted area will look very swollen. The swelling is due to normal edema and will remain for six to twelve months depending on the area where the fat was grafted.

This surgery is done as an outpatient procedure, and can be done together with other surgical procedures.

An alternative to the fat grafts is the use of fillers, which are applied in more or less the same manner and produce similar results. Please consult with us regarding availability.

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