Thigh/Leg Lift & Reduction

Thigh/Leg Lift

If you desire a more youthful appearance for your thighs, especially your inner thighs, this is the procedure you need. Usually the thighs have an excess of fat, hanging and folded skin. For optimal results you should consider having a thigh lift/reduction procedure associated with weight loss.

The amount of wrinkles, folds, cellulite and excess fat/skin of the inner thighs, anterior thighs, outer thighs, and knees can be reduced. The incision is inconspicuous, located in the groin beneath the bikini line. It has a tendency to heal slightly wide and dark but this gets better over time, usually, after twelve to eighteen months.

The procedure involves liposuction of any excess fat in the thighs and legs. Then, excess skin is removed with lipectomy, and lifted up in the groin area. Afterwards, the tissues below are pulled up and stitched together. Deep stitches are secured to the ligaments. The length of the incision depends on the amount of excess skin. Usually 5 to 10 inches of skin are removed!

Additionally, drains are normally left in place for several days. These are soft and comfortable and removed without pain. Dressings and a light compression garment are used for several days after the procedure.

This procedure can be combined with other plastic surgery procedures, and it is done under local anesthesia and sedation.

Length of procedure: 2-5 hours
Type of anesthesia: Local anesthesia plus sedation
Hospital stay: 1-2 nights
Post-operatory stay in Costa Rica: 14 days

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